Why Was Counterweight Formed

Who are we?

Counterweight is an organisation that helps individuals resist the imposition of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) on their day to day lives. Our primary focus is on directing individuals who have fallen foul of the ideology to the resources, advice and guidance their specific problems require.

However, we also offer a refuge for casualties of the culture wars and a supportive, non-partisan community that connects like-minded people with others in their fields of work. This has two main benefits:

1)The formation of mutually supportive teams and action groups. Our community has already organically created networks of parents, teachers, psychologists, social workers, technicians, academics and employees of institutions of art and culture who are devising practical ways to protect their professions and support each other.

2)A groundswell of knowledgeable opposition to authoritarian Critical Social Justice. As our community grows, we intend to continue producing an increasing number of educational resources and facilitating discussions that will familiarise our members with the concepts and workings of CSJ, thus equipping them with the means to confidently speak out against it.

Why was Counterweight formed?

Following the death of George Floyd and the BLM protests, new policies and training programmes based on Critical Social Justice ideology suddenly began to be introduced into workplaces, universities and schools.

Many people who found CSJ at odds with their own principles spoke out against this and were formally censured, disciplined or fired for voicing their conscientious objections to the new orthodoxy. Many more self-censored for fear of such consequences.

Thousands of such individuals began to seek help and advice from people who had spoken publicly about the threat to liberal societies posed by Critical Social Justice. We created a Discord server so that we could triage the incoming appeals, prioritise people facing immediate danger of disciplinary action and provide practical information, support and resources to people with less urgent problems.

Individuals can most effectively resist authoritarian impositions of Critical Social Justice beliefs when they thoroughly understand CSJ and can confidently articulate their principled opposition.

Counterweight helps people understand the theoretical basis of CSJ ideology and provides a space where liberalminded people from across the political spectrum can network and engage in civic discourse.

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