What does Counterweight do?

What does Counterweight do?

We receive referrals of individuals facing a CSJ-related problem and take the details of their cases. We then direct them to the appropriate sources of advice including, if necessary, a legal or theoretical advisor, a mentor in their field or a formal or informal group.

We facilitate the formation of action groups within certain professions and help them develop their own networks to push back against CSJ.

We unite these separate groups under the Counterweight umbrella so that they can co-operate with each other.

We collaborate with other organisations that prize liberalism, freedom of speech and belief, science, reason and viewpoint diversity.

We keep up-to-date records of individual cases, policies and training programmes in order to build a picture of what precisely is happening and where.

We liaise with people at influential institutions, who keep us informed of developments in their fields.

We plan to help develop ‘non-woke’ employment schemes.

We research people’s legal rights and liaise with trade unions.

We solicit volunteers with various kinds of expertise, ranging from lawyers to artists. We are especially proud of our volunteer mental health support network.

We produce scholarly but accessible books, articles, podcasts and videos.

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