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Counterweight offers resources to individuals looking to push back against the imposition of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) on their day to day lives. We are looking for content that will primarily target organisations, employers, employees and students. We’re also open to articles that focus on the theoretical underpinnings of CT as well as personal experience pieces. Further, we are looking for content that is actionable and can serve as a resource for two ends:

1) Pushing back against CSJ within organisations.

2) Helping organisations to find alternative approaches to Social Justice. This may come in the form of:

When creating content for Counterweight, please ensure it is:

  • Accessible to a wide audience with little knowledge of CSJ
  • Useful to businesses and organisations
  • Reasonable, evidence-based and accurate (while personal experiences need not be strictly ‘evidence-based’ in the way essays must be, we ask you to write in a level-headed, charitable and accurate manner)
  • Written from a broadly Liberal/Humanist perspective

Please avoid:

  • Hyperbolic, partisan or uncharitable pieces
  • Excessively long pieces (For videos, we are looking to keep them within the 4-6 minute range. For articles, we usually want around a 1000- 2500-word length, 1500 is optimal)
  • Inaccurate pieces (To avoid this, please reference reputable sources by hyperlinking within text to substantiate your claims, like this).

Want to pitch an idea or submit a piece? If you’d like to pitch a content idea to the Counterweight team, or if you have written/created a piece that you would like us to consider, please email: content@counterweightsupport.com

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