The Counterweight Team

Helen Pluckrose

Helen is Counterweight’s founder and programme leader. She is a liberal humanist who believes it is essential that society maintains a secular liberal democracy that values the Marketplace of Ideas as an individual freedom and a way for advancing knowledge and making moral progress. These values include the protection of freedom of belief, conscience and speech and an expectation that truth claims will be evidenced, arguments will be reasoned, ethics will be applied consistently to everyone and anybody can challenge anything. With an academic background in late medieval/early modern women’s religious writing, Helen focuses mostly on the Critical Social Justice activism-scholarship coming out of fields of cultural and identity studies and negatively impacting wider culture and society.

Carrie Clark

Carrie is Counterweight’s project coordinator. As a liberal humanist, Carrie is concerned about the corrosive impact of Critical Social Justice ideology on freedom of conscience and individual wellbeing. Raised by ardent bibliophiles, she deplores the culture of book banning and cancellation that characterises our public discourse and hopes the Counterweight community will be a haven for the free exchange of ideas. Carrie uses her background in citizens advice services to support people caught up in the culture wars.

Kevin Lowe

Kevin is Counterweight’s technology coordinator and head moderator of the Counterweight Discord server. Kevin is ardently opposed to much of the ideology coming out of Critical Social Justice Theory because of its common disregard for epistemic objectivity and scientific values, its embrace of equivocation fallacy, and its illiberal consequences. Kevin uses his background in information technology to support the staff at Counterweight.

Harriet Terrill

Harriet is Counterweight’s Media Content Manager. As a writer, musician, and content creator, Harriet wholeheartedly supports free speech, and has been concerned about the suppressive impact of Critical Social Justice ideology for some time. As such, she joined the Counterweight community when woke ideology began infiltrating her workplace. She has since used her passion for open and honest discourse to create resources for those who are struggling against Critical Social Justice ideology in their organisations. As we move forward, Harriet would like to discover alternative solutions to social justice issues to help individuals to build more compassionate, understanding, and unified workplaces.

Isobel Marston

Isobel is Counterweight’s Media Content Coordinator. As a philosophy student with a passion for reason, evidence and objectivity, Isobel is concerned with the current social justice movement’s deviation from these values. She has utilised her love of writing and interest in taking apart fallacious arguments to create resources that help individuals to understand the many problems with critical social theory. Isobel realises there are still many ways our society could be improved, but firmly believes that the ability to progress is predicated upon open conversation, empathy, and an orientation towards evidence-based approaches.

Jennifer Friend

Jennifer Friend is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in the Washington D.C. area. Jennifer has been concerned for several years about the negative impact of CRT and CSJ on mental health, individual liberty and freedom of speech. She began volunteering for Counterweight after a troubling experience with CRT in her workplace. Jennifer is a highly motivated opponent of CRT and CSJ and is committed to supporting people who have been harmed by this ideology.