The Counterweight Team

Helen Pluckrose

Helen is Counterweight’s founder and programme leader. She  heads up the academic section of counterweight, producing and facilitating the production of accessible educational resources on Critical Social Justice scholarship by academics for a mostly non-academic readership.  Helen also takes on casework that involves students and academics or requires engaging with CSJ theories in depth. She advises employers seeking to implement liberal policies against discrimination in the workplace rather than CSJ ones and acts as a theoretical editor for various kinds of writers wanting to be sure they have criticised CSJ ideas fairly and accurately. Helen is a liberal humanist who mostly just wants people to value evidence-based epistemology and consistently liberal ethics.

Kevin Lowe

Kevin is Counterweight’s co-founder. In addition to overseeing Counterweight’s operations more broadly, he pays particular attention to developments in the United States where he lives. Kevin is also Counterweight’s technology coordinator. He is affectionately referred to by the team as ‘Head Vulcan.”

Harriet Terrill

Harriet is Counterweight’s Media Content Manager. She is in charge of our exceptional volunteer content team, as well as Counterweight’s social accounts. Her role includes the planning, production, and distribution of educational resources. As a writer, musician, and content creator, Harriet wholeheartedly supports free speech, and has been concerned about the suppressive impact of Critical Social Justice ideology for some time. As such, she joined the Counterweight community when woke ideology began infiltrating her workplace. As we move forward, Harriet would like to develop alternative solutions to social justice issues.

Isobel Marston

Isobel is Counterweight’s Content Coordinator & Editor. She liaises with volunteer writers, edits articles, assists with content planning, and creates educational resources that help individuals to understand the many problems with Critical Social Justice. As a philosophy student with a passion for reason, evidence and objectivity, Isobel is concerned with the current social justice movement’s deviation from these values. She realises that there are still many ways our society could be improved, but firmly believes that the ability to progress is predicated upon open conversation, empathy, and an orientation towards evidence-based approaches.

David Bernstein

David Bernstein is an unwavering advocate for the free exchange of ideas and intellectual honesty. He is an Affiliate at Counterweight, which opposes the imposition of critical social justice on people’s daily lives, and a founder of Viewpoint Worldwide, a consultancy dedicated to advancing viewpoint diversity in organizational settings. David has spent much of his career heading up major Jewish advocacy and pro-Israel organizations. He has written widely in such publications as the Washington Post, Areo, Education Week, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Jodi Shaw

After speaking out publicly about the racially hostile work environment of her former employer Smith College, Jodi continues to speak publicly about her experience with CRT training and policies in the workplace. A life-long liberal, Jodi is possessed by an unwavering belief in the individual humanity and uniqueness of each human being. She believes enforced adherence to Critical Social Justice undermines moral agency and our ability to connect meaningfully with each other as individuals, and that a supportive community of connected individuals is critical to social progress. In a past life, Jodi worked as a case manager in a women’s domestic violence shelter and pulled midnight shifts answering phones for the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. She holds an End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate.

Lori K Oham

Lori K Oham has worked in the fields of Health, Homelessness and Race and Inequality, and has designed training modules to encourage wider participation in public policy. She believes that it is vital that the legal and ethical framework on which anti-discrimination and equalities work is founded in western societies, remains firmly in place. She will support Counterweight in providing individuals with knowledge and resources to safeguard their individual rights and liberties within the context of some recent trends of Diversity and Equality policy overreach.

Laura Walker-Beaven

Laura first got involved with Counterweight after she saw the prevalence of extremist ideologies in academia whilst studying for a masters in Human Rights. She believes that it is important to question and discuss even our strongest held beliefs and sees the erosion of this key element of liberalism in both extreme right-wing and left-wing ideologies. Laura has experience in fundraising and project management, which she now brings to Counterweight through her role as Director of Innovation. She coordinates new and exciting projects at Counterweight including the Counterweight Conference on Liberal Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion coming in September 2022. Outside of work hours, Laura can be found sporting either a scuba tank or hiking books.

Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer Richmond, an International Relations Specialist, supports Liberalism & universal values and believes that we are at our best when protecting individual rights and freedoms. She worked in international relations for over 20 years, focusing on global geopolitics, intelligence, and East Asian policy, before turning her attention and cross-cultural skills towards the most polarizing issues within the United States and beyond. She is dedicated to learning how to communicate on difficult and polarizing issues, in good faith, to develop citizens (and herself) in building a strong and diverse community for democracy to thrive. At Counterweight, Jen uses her expertise in these areas to provide support to the content team. She is also the co-host of the Counterweight Conference on Liberal Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion, coming in September 2022. Jen’s forthcoming book with co-author W.F. Twyman, Jr. – Letters in Black & White: A New Correspondence on Race in America – will be released this fall from Pitchstone Publishing.

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