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Critical Therapy Antidote is an organisation that has been set up to support all of those with an interest in therapy who are concerned by the negative impact of Critical Social Justice theories on society. It provides resources and information as well as hosting a platform for different viewpoints on how the therapy field is responding to this new ideology. It has an associated network, which is explicitly apolitical and heterodox, for people in the psychology, talking therapies and mental health fields.

Areo, named after Milton’s speech in defence of freedom of speech, Areopagitica, publishes thoughtful essays from a variety of perspectives compatible with broadly liberal and humanist values. It places particular priority on evidence and reason-centered pieces. Our contributors are intellectually, professionally and ideologically diverse and include liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, atheists and religious believers. As much as possible, Areo aims to avoid polarizing tribalistic stances and prioritizes intellectual balance, charity, honesty and rigor.

The Moral Courage Project, founded by Irshad Manji, teaches people how to engage about polarizing issues without shaming or cancelling each other. In that spirit, the Moral Courage Method:
○ Starts with our common humanity, not a common enemy
○ treats human beings as dynamic and ever-evolving, not as static categories or as items to be labeled
○ emphasizes individuality, since everyone has a unique backstory even when they belong to certain groups;
○ defines diversity to include diversity of viewpoint, so that listening is as much a leadership skill as speaking
○ works for social change by dissolving us-against-them paradigms, replacing them with relationships that build a culture of curiosity and caring, not a culture of compliance
○ views all people as having some power; it takes moral courage to speak truth to the power of one’s own ego and thus recognize there there’s something to learn from one’s Other.

Moral Courage doesn’t play the zero-sum game of warring ideologues. Instead, Moral Courage changes the game altogether, upending the way diversity and inclusion are practiced. Learn more here or contact Irshad Manji via

Letter is a platform for civil conversation and productive debate. We believe that thoughtful, good faith dialogue is how ideas develop, spread, and take effect—our mission is to advance the quality and impact of conversation.

The Free Speech Union is a non-partisan, mass-membership public interest body that stands up for the speech rights of its members.

Don’t Divide Us came together in response to an open letter published in the Spectator shortly after the BLM protests in Britain last summer. The founding statement is here. We are a group of people from a wide range of professions and political backgrounds who share a common belief in universalism and humanism. Our website provides a range of material and resources for educators as well as the interested reader who wishes to think more widely and deeply about the divisive effects of today’s form of race-based identity politics.’

The Campaign for Common Sense exists to bring together those who want to have a grown up discussion and debate. They conduct research, and organize events online and across the UK, involving experts in all fields and bringing them to the widest possible audience. The Campaign for Common Sense champions free speech and tolerance.

TRIGGERnometry is an online show and podcast dedicated to “honest conversations with fascinating people.” Hosted by two comedians, the show seeks to discuss difficult and controversial issues in a calm, rational and humorous way.

Vrij Links Foundation (‘Free Left’) facilitates and encourages the debate on progressive and liberal values, in- and outside of the Netherlands. We enable people to both identify and engage (with) values we consider underrepresented within the social and political domain, to help people sharpen and strengthen politics and society. Central to our mission are free and unhindered debate, secularism, and revaluation of individual freedom. In doing so, Vrij Links aims to contribute to an open, pluralistic, democratic society in which freedom and equality of each individual will be safeguarded.

Academics for Academic Freedom (AFAF) is the leading campaign group defending free speech and academic freedom in colleges and universities in the UK. All lecturers, academic-related staff, students and researchers who want to defend unimpeded enquiry and expression are welcome to support AFAF however they can. AFAF was founded in late 2006 and received international interest in its ‘Statement of Academic Freedom’ that lecturers, and others, could sign to make public their support for free speech and academic freedom. AFAF has since taken up the cause of free speech and academic freedom through research, publications and debates. The AFAF team is also heavily involved in case work, much of which never hits the headlines. It maintains the very influential The Banned List of individuals threatened with disciplinary action or bans, or who have been disciplined or banned in UK universities for their ideas or opinions. AFAF has ‘correspondents’, or supporting members, in universities throughout the UK and Internationally.

Truth in Between and the Hold my Drink podcast, started by Jennifer Richmond in collaboration with her son and her friend and co-author, attorney and former law professor W. F. Twyman, Jr. are platforms where they navigate differences in search of common humanity. They support Liberalism and the search for truth through correspondence and conversation.

The Equiano Project is a debate, discussion and ideas forum, which focuses on race, culture and politics. It facilitates conversations about and promotes the values of freedom, humanism and universalism by regularly hosting high-level debates and discussions with challenging thinkers and publishing thought-provoking content by members of the public. The Equiano Project also has a schools and community outreach programme, putting on talks and workshops.

Think Inc. is a leading intellectual touring company, specialising in conceiving and staging innovative, entertaining, and accessible live public events.

Their mission is to build a vibrant, diverse, and global intellectual culture by spreading ideas that challenge and change the way people see the world.

Free Black Thought is a small group of scholars, technologists, parents, and above all American citizens determined to amplify heterodox black voices that are rarely heard on mainstream platforms. We seek to to honor independent black thinkers who do not regularly appear on CNN giving the “black” perspective, or write the books pushed by Amazon and adapted by HBO.

“Listen to black voices” is a demand heard constantly these days, but what is really meant is “listen to the right black voices.” We believe that black people have never been a monolith and have never had just one narrative or perspective, as the mainstream elite media would have you believe.

FBT has no particular political agenda other than a commitment to free speech, civil rights, and a conviction that a pluralistic society committed to liberal democracy is nourished by the entire spectrum of black thinking on matters of politics, society, and culture.

As parents, we are troubled that our children are coming of age at a time when K-12 schools and elite institutions such as academia, major media companies, and corporations appear committed to enforcing narrow and tendentious standards of black racial authenticity in thought and behavior. We hope our efforts inspire our children to see their blackness as a space not of constrained identity but of endless possibility.

The Observatory of decoloniality and identity politics is a non-partisan collective of French academics concerned with the attacks on academic freedom and the development of race-based and gender-based research replacing conventional science by virtue signalling, cancelling and other forms of pressure. Faced with radical ideologies and religions interfering with scientific method we stand up for objective debate in the field of research.

Our purpose is to develop in-depth analysis of the phenomena, to gather data on the growing infiltration of activists in scholarship; to provide help and support to academics attacked by activists; to defend the independence and continuity of scholarly research. We have been appearing in the media to bring those issues to the knowledge of the general public and show how education and political decisions are endangered by the new activism.

Heterodox Academy is a nonpartisan nonprofit that works to improve the quality of research and education by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning. Our community is made up of more than 5,400 professors, educators, administrators, and students who come from a range of institutions—from large research universities to community colleges, K-12 schools, and higher ed organizations. They represent nearly every discipline and are distributed throughout 49 states and throughout the world.

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